Tamesha G Rhyne, Ph.D. LCSW, LCAS

She/Her/Hers & what’s this?

Adult Grief, Trauma & Addictions Specialist
Available: Weekdays By Appointment Only

Tamesha believes that therapy is a collaborative relationship based on trust and rapport in order to encourage true transparency. Each session should be approached with empathy in order to allow patients to embark on a transformative experience, uniquely designed to help improve their quality of life as well as discover their true purpose.

Tamesha eagerly supports patients who believe that their greatest desires are possible with the right help. Tamesha’s ideal patient is a person who desires true fulfillment, seeks true transformation, and is ready to live out their true purpose. A person who has been hurt, betrayed, and though dissatisfied with life’s circumstances, is ready for a true change. Tamesha believes in the power of two or more coming together to fulfill their greatest desires and welcomes patients who do too.

Treatment Specialties:

Tamesha is a Certified Grief Informed Professional, certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy, and is a certified Trauma Specialist. She specializes in treating trauma, addiction, and grief. She offers therapy to address a wide variety of issues through the use of various evidenced-based modalities. Her passion is to assist individuals, couples, and families as they address and overcome life circumstances and interpersonal problems.

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